During almost 14 years I have been working and researching in the area of software engineering in a variety of projects in different consulting and technology companies (msg systems AG, Capgemini, sd&m, NetCracker) and scientific institutions in Germany, Russia, USA, Holland, and Switzerland. I graduated in computer science from the Moscow State University of Railway Transport and completed my PhD in a graduate school of dynamic intelligent systems in Paderborn, Germany.

My main work interest and challenge is efficient and effective development of high-quality software projects and products. Such a development is only possible with the help of  a methodical approach. Such an approach defines a structured and flexible software development process including the analysis of requirements and their specification, a consistent technical design and producing a stable and tested software product as a result. Not only a software process, but also clear software architecture, based on such principles as abstraction, separation of concerns and service-orientation, is necessary for building a robust product.

In my work and research I focus on modelling the requirements and business processes as well as on model-driven software development. I use models as a communication medium between business and IT as well as transformation medium between architecture and source code. I argue that models must reflect real life: the technical models should correspond to the code of a software product and the business models have to reflect the real working processes and data in specific business domains.

During the last years, I have gathered a lot of experience in applying the methodical software development approach in real life. I know the practical challenges and the methods which help to deal with them. So, I wish we could collaborate in this context.